North Gresham Elementary School

North Gresham Elementary | Gresham-Barlow Education FoundationSince 1995, the Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation has given $26,462 to North Gresham Elementary. The majority of funds received were for Innovation Grants that directly enhance classroom instruction. The Stars also received significant funding for literacy support, including the recent creation of a web-enabled eLibrary.

Did you know that North Gresham students are learning computer programming/coding?  Well the GBEF provided some additional material to help them learn how to program robots.  Using Spheros and Blue Bots robots, students can learn coding basics, collaboration, problem solving and technical reading skills.

GBEF Contribution since 1995

With these funds, the GBEF paid for literacy enhancements in addition to enriching classrooms with a focus on directly and positively impacting student learning.